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i always thought wendy was the way she was about these things was because of how jake hurt her but I’m starting to get that that isn’t the case

" You got young enlisted guys, 18-to-22 years old — they’ve suddenly been thrust into a situation with extraordinary responsibility where they now have access to all of your private records,” Snowden said. “Now, in the course of their daily work, they stumble across something that is completely unrelated to their work in any sort of necessary sense, for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation, but they’re extremely attractive.

So what do they do, they turn around in their chair and show their coworker. And their coworker says, “Oh, hey, that’s great. Send that to Bill down the way.” And then Bill sends it to George, George sends it to Tom. Sooner or later, this person’s whole life has been seen by all of these other people. It’s never reported, nobody ever knows about it because the auditing of these systems is very weak. The fact that your private images, records of your private lives, records of your intimate moments have been taken from your private communications stream, from the intended recipient, and given to the government without any specific authorization, without any specific need, is in itself a violation of your rights? Why is that in a government database? "

okay but the latest page of apothecia i just. the pacing. is so good. like jeez i am rly impressed LOL??? but wow ok there’s something about the latest page that was really intense and not exactly sad but? also yes sad. idk how to describe it it just hit that kind of weird intense thing i love in fiction. it just went from a good comic to a great comic for me haha that’s a lil weird but